And the Winners Are…

And the Winners Are…

In reality, everyone who participated in this 40th FCAP Ski Adventure celebration was a winner of the “gold.”  Not only did they enjoy time on the slopes, but they also were richly blessed through the worship, singing, teaching and fellowship that took place throughout the week.  The Purple Hulls, Billingsley brothers, and others once again blessed the group with their music.  Minds and hearts were renewed and refreshed as Jonathan E. B Scott led them into God’s Word.

Our heartfelt thank you to all who worked hard behind the scenes and during the Ski Adventure to make it all possible … and our thanks to all who came to be a part of this event.  May the Lord richly bless each and every one of you.






“Great to be Back Home, Tauernhof!”

The FCAP Ski Adventure Planning Team arrived safely at Schladming to welcome the others as they arrived for this 40th Anniversary celebration of the FCAP Austrian Ski Adventure.  They were warmly greeted by the Tauernhof staff, our hosts for the week.  As he shared these photos, Dale Grimes expressed, “Great to be back home, Tauernhof!”








Excitement Mounts in Schladming!

Our 40th Annual Ski Adventure is set to begin tomorrow, February 9, in the beautiful Austrian Alps.  Those of us who cannot be there are certainly anticipating photos and reports throughout the coming week.  We understand that several “first timers” will be among those attending.  As with any FCAP event, we covet your prayers … prayers for travel mercies, safety on and off the slopes,  the Ski Adventure leadership team, the Taurenhof staff (our hosts),  good weather, wonderful times of fellowship, encouraging relationship building, awesome time together in worship and in the Word, salvation of any participating who do not yet know our Savior, and a far-reaching impact for God’s glory.  We have asked them to please keep those photos coming.  So do check back in to our web site posts for more updates in the days to come!