Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel

The Ministry of FCAP in 2020 was drastically impacted due to Covid-19 and its decimating effect upon airline travel, but even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, FCAP adapted to this change quickly and efficiently.

  1. Zoom became a conduit in keeping communication ongoing when in-person meetings and airline travel became impossible.
  2. Online meetings for our Leaders, ministry to men and women, and training in the Word has replaced face to face meetings. These meetings continue into 2021 even as the pandemic has slowed. This may in fact become the norm, and if so, FCAP is in a place to make this a healthy way to connect.
  3. FCAP continues to take workplace Biblical training into college and high school level curriculums.
  4. FCAP is connecting with other like-minded aviation ministries to strengthen our own organization and expand the work of the Kingdom throughout the world.
  5. The foundation of our existence is prayer, and because of the events in 2020, our strategy for the future is to focus even more so on the practice of it.
  6. We have added a new board member, Diego Suarez Morales from Columbia, South America. He has been such a welcome addition and it aides in our continued and effectual presence into Central and South America.
  7. 2021 is the 50th Anniversary of the Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel. There will be celebrations of reminders from our past throughout 2021, even as we look ahead past the pandemic. God has been an ever-present help from the very beginning as He worked through Joe Ivey to plant the seeds for a ministry to airlines people.

Grace abounding,

Timothy Files
Secretary/Treasurer, FCAP Board of Directors