About Us

FCAP is a fellowship of God’s people desiring to identify with one another in the common purpose of displaying Jesus Christ through their circumstances, to people placed around them at work. The FCAP ministry was established to: reach, support, and encourage employees in the airline industry around the world. We offer training and support for individuals interested in establishing their work place ministry. We invite you to look around our website, then contact us and get connected to Gods plan for your workplace.

History of FCAP

The ministry of Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel has been encouraging people to reach out to their co-workers in the airline workplace for over thirty years. FCAP had its “grassroots” beginning with a group of pilots in the Atlanta area in 1971. This group resulted from a burden which the Lord gave an Atlanta-based pilot, Joe Ivey, to reach fellow pilots for Christ. As this group grew and ministered to one another, they felt the need to reach out to all airline personnel. The first step in this direction occurred in 1972 when a ministry was started among flight attendants. Soon the Atlanta groups became aware of similar groups meeting in other cities. Concurrently, God had been working in Chicago through a group of men led by United Captain Bob Burdick and in Minneapolis/St. Paul through Northwest Captain Roger Moberg. In January of 1973, an organizational meeting was held at the Ivey home, and out of this came the International ministry of FCAP. Approximately 50 people attended the gathering, representing eight major airlines coming from three main groups in Atlanta, Chicago and Minneapolis-St. Paul, as well as several other U.S. and Canadian cities.

The ministry now includes people who hold jobs in every area of the airline workplace. There are FCAP fellowships in over 45 areas worldwide where people meet in small groups for encouragement and prayer. The result is FCAPers impacting others for Christ in the workplace mission field of over two million airline workers worldwide. The International Headquarters of FCAP is near Atlanta, Georgia on a property called Rollingbrook Retreat Center. In addition to the FCAP International Office, there is the Hearth House where much of FCAP’s training takes place. FCAP now hosts numerous training sessions and seminars, including Basic Training and the Peacemaker Training, as well as other special events.

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