During September FCAP-LTP/LTTP in the Philippines is celebrating their 19th year of ministry among their airline/aviation co-workers.  As a way of expressing their heartfelt gratitude to God for His faithfulness in sustaining them through the years, they decided their celebration would include mission work at Sitio Cacabay, Ternate Cavite, a small community of people living in extreme poverty conditions.  They do not have potable drinking water and no electricity at all.  Road access is via rough terrain and not passable to ordinary vehicles, especially during the rainy season.  Income is limited.  Getting an education is also a challenge for them, leading to a very high illiteracy rate.

It was the desire of this FCAP group to reach out to these people by sharing the Gospel and providing them with the basic need of potable drinking water.  FCAP leadership there unanimously decided to donate one deep well hand pump.  Give thanks for God’s provision for that! Katie Wells, a United Flight Attendant based in Chicago, went to be with the group for this outreach and celebration.  As expression of their gratitude for Katie’s presence with them, they dedicated the well as “Katie’s Well.”  The photos here provide a glimpse of their time together!