What are people saying about FCAP Workplace Training?

“The training is very inspiring and confirming to enhance my way way of living.” – Valerie Esprit (DOA Aviation Human Resources Secretary)

“Working as unto the Lord is worth it, and prayer helps during the work day in the challenging airline environment … Great fellowship and blessing to be associated with FCAP.”  – T.B. (Delta/ATL)

“… It felt good to know I am not alone out there trying be a light in airline land.”  – Delta FA

“Reading Paul’s book, ‘ When God Shows Up At Work,’ and attending Workplace Training has truly opened my eyes to how big a mission field we work in every day, and how much God wants to use us to help others turn to Him even in this difficult environment.  This training is essential for anyone who wants to be used by Jesus in the workplace!”  – Nathan C (Allegiant/SFB)

“This training could not have come at better time.  It was a much needed encouragement and a reminder of what our motives and attitudes should be at our workplace. We truly do spend most of our time with co-workers and have made very little or no impact on their lives as believers of Christ. We go around letting the same circumstances and issues stress us out just as much as non-believers, and our light is not shining anywhere.   The training truly encouraged me to see my workplace as my ministry. I had asked God many times to reveal to me what my ministry was, and little did I know that my ministry is my job.” – Maria D (American/MIA)

“This training was the encouragement I needed to continue going to work and keeping my focus on WHO I really worked for! The uplifting and support I received during this training helped renew me and gave me the desire to go back to work and keep my chin up! I would recommend everyone take this training so they can use the tools given, to go into their workplace and handle the darkness in a Godly manner.” – Susie S (Delta/ATL)

“Attending the workshop was not even close to what I was thinking.  All 3 facilitators Paul, Edward and Monix, were very welcoming, caring and truly concerned about all and not just our Christian community. They are very attentive to people….  I loved that they did not emphasize denominations but if you believe that Jesus was born, died on the cross, rose again and is coming back for us, that was just good ole Christianity. The workshop overall was encouraging, non judgmental, and most importantly educating.  I definitely recommend the workshop wherever, whenever you can make one.” – Sandra

“Attending the FCAP training was amazing.  It made me feel like I wasn’t alone in this walk with Christ in the workplace.  I encourage those that didn’t get a chance to get there…come to the next event.  And spread the word 2x!” – JH (American/LGA)

 “Paul presented a great reminder of how relevant, as well as realistic’ embracing Christ along side of me is in daily tasks performed on every trip.  The scriptures he presented as tools help my attitude and in my reflecting Christ as I engage my coworkers and passenger sin even the simple performances of my job.”  – LeeAnn N (Delta/MSP & LAX)

“It was a great reminder and new viewpoints to see scripture used in regards to the workplace. Sometimes we more view these scriptures as applying to our daily life but don’t realize how much our daily life is work. I love the beginning statistics shown on how much time is spent at workplace vs. church.” – Jaye C (Delta/MCO)

“If I didn’t go, I think my life would be different … not in a good way though. Because I went, now I’ve heard God in a way that has changed me in ways I didn’t even know I needed so much. I hope others are influenced by the hope in my story to go!” – Alicia B (Delta/MSP)

“The training inspired me to always have my Christian mind ON … to realize that I can influence people on how they view Christianity.” – Inger K (Southwest/ATL)