God’s Gift to the FCAP Ministry


With so many changes and challenges before us, we wanted to take a moment to share about a special blessing that has come our way.  We see this as another reminder of God’s faithful provision and His continued desire to use FCAP for His glory in the days to come.

Many years ago, a dear friend of Joe’s, Byron DeVore, presented us with the special gift of an integrated phone system for our office.  That system has served us well for many, many years.  However, several months back we began having major problems with the answering system connected to these phones.  It became obvious it was time to pursue a more updated system as service for this particular one was no longer available.  One local phone installation company came highly recommended through several other non-profit organizations.  The quote they gave us for a used, but more up-to-date, system appeared to be a very reasonable and would fit our current budget.  So we proceeded to schedule the installation.  Then one day, Tim, owner of the phone installation company, sent us an email.  When the business selling the phone system to them learned that we were non-profit, they made the decision to donate the system to us,  and the phone installation company followed suit regarding installation costs.  Bottom line is this … we now have a “new to us” system installed at no cost to us.  The system includes 7 phones and the connection box.   It is so much easier to operate than our older system and also has additional features we will certainly utilize. We anticipate the system serving us well for a long time to come.   For this gift to the FCAP ministry, as well as the gift of our earlier system through Byron (who is now with the Lord), we are so very grateful.

Hope hearing about this provision encourages you as much as it does us!




Special Event in Boise

Special Event in Boise

(l-r) Warren Milanowski, Monix Mathieu, Greg Human

In the evening of September 7, the Boise International Airport Chapel (under the direction of Warren Milanowski with FCAP-BOI), held its Second Bi-Annual Gathering of Gatekeepers Gala.  The focus of this event was to celebrate ten years of ministry through the chapel there, to present vision for coming days/months/years, and to introduce Doug Human who plans to come along side of Warren to help with the work of the Chapel.  Through the gracious generosity of individuals and businesses, a number of items were offered for a live and silent auction to help raise funds for the ministry there. It proved to be a most encouraging evening with approximately 80 in attendance.

Some of the items donated for live and silent auctions.

Invitation extended to attendees to become a “Gatekeeper” for the ministry in Boise.

Doug and Roxanne Human





Sharry Milanowski is a wonderful ministry partner, helping and supporting her husband whole heartedly.













Portrait of Faithfulness

Portrait of Faithfulness

During our very first FCAP Convention, which was held in 1971, three men stayed up through the entire night praying through and formulating the constitution upon which the FCAP Ministry was founded.  Those three men were Joe Ivey (Delta), Lew Rabbitt (Eastern) and Les Nimigan (Christian Transportation/Toronto, Canada).  The morning after, they presented the proposed tenants of the constitution to those present at the convention, and all agreed this was what was desired and needed.  Therein, the Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel was officially formed.

Les has been home with the Lord for a number of years now, but Joe and Lew continue to faithfully minister among us.  Their unwavering commitment to the Lord Jesus, their steadfastness in seeing His truth and righteousness go forth throughout the airlines of the world and beyond, and their fervent prayer support have been an example and encouragement to so many over these years.  Thank you, Lew and Joe!

More from Travel to India for Workplace Training

Monix spent time with Mark Fernandes and family en route to Hyderabad.

Brother Shashi Hoo hosted Monix in his home while Monix was in Hyderabad.

Brother Raja (FCAP Coordinator in Hyderabad) and Monix say their farewell during final moments at the Hyderabad Airport.

FCAP member in Hyderabad Capt. Pooja and Monix flew together to Mumbai from Hyderabad as Monix was returning home to the USA.
















Workplace Training in Hyderabad

Workplace Training in Hyderabad

It was our privilege to take our Workplace Training #1, “On the Job…God’s Way,” to Hyderbad, India in mid August.  Monix Mathieu (FCAP Leadership and Group Development and newest staff member) made the very long journey to facilitate the training there.  The training was well received, and the people were eager to learn more about God’s truth in the Word.  We look forward to seeing how God will use this training for His glory in and through the lives of those who attended.

As Monix traveled to Hyderabad, he also was able to spend time with Mark Fernandes and family in Mumbai.  Our heartfelt thank you to all who so graciously opened their hearts and homes to Monix on this journey.

Reunion in SFO Bay Area

Reunion in SFO Bay Area

On Saturday, August 12, a small group of people who had been part of the FCAP group in the San Francisco Bay Area met for fellowship and dinner at Harry’s Hofbrau Restaurant in Redwood City, CA.  Dick Kalman writes, “This was special as it was the first time that the SFO  Bay Area FCAP has met in many years.  This the same group that Barney Brogan and Sandi West were part of in the 1980’s.  It was an opportunity to reflect on past memories and to renew old friendships.”  Pictured l-r:  Annette DiResta (AA), Tom and Laverne Kiefer (Laverne – AA), Richard  and Branka Kalman (Richard – WOA), Jeff Hoglind (former KLM, now with International Aviation Development), Tom Johnson (UA), and Nancy Phares (AA).

Workplace Training #1 in ATL

Workplace Training #1 in ATL

On August 2, we were blessed to facilitate another Workplace Training #1, “On the Job…God’s Way.”  This one was held in Atlanta with 9 in attendance (plus several who had been through the training previously or who were helping to facilitate the sessions).  The time appeared to be well received and an encouragement to those who participated.  Our next Workplace Training #1 session to be held in ATL is scheduled for November.  Details on this, as well as training sessions scheduled for other locations, will be forthcoming on the home page of this web site.

Greater SFO Bay Area Reunion – August 12

After quite a few years of no FCAP gatherings in the SFO Bay Area, one is being planned for Saturday, August 12.  It will begin at 4:30 p.m. with dinner at Harry’s Hofbrau in Redwood City (1909 El Camino Real).  To sign up for this event, or if you need more information, contact E-mail.   Especially if you live in the Greater SFO/OAK/SJC Bay Area, we hope you will be able to join them.

Invitation from FCAP-Boise

As chaplain at the Boise International Airport and FCAP Field Staff, Warren Milanowski extends the following invitation:  “The Boise Airport is the gateway to Idaho.  A part of the vision of FCAP-Boise is to enlist ‘gatekeepers’ who will prayerfully and financially support the ministry as we go beyond ten years of service at the airport and in the community.  Click to register and to join us on September 7 as we celebrate and share the vision of the future.”