Workplace Training Presented at Swiss Church

We are grateful for Stami Church in Switzerland inviting our General Director, Paul Curtas, to present our Workplace Training on Saturday, June 9.  The 45 attendees received it very enthusiastically.  Many of them invited others to join them for the Sunday morning church service as Paul spoke to the whole church.  Cristian Rusch, who is a Swiss CEO businessman, translated for Paul both on Saturday and Sunday.  (Cristian is also Paul’s brother-in-law.)













Workplace Training Presented in Zurich

On June 1, Paul Curtas had the privilege of presenting our FCAP Workplace Training to a group of business men and women in Zurich.  It was very well received with over 20 in attendance.

One of the participants (pictured here with Paul) is Casey, who works for Singapore Airlines in Zurich.  Although she now lives and works in Europe, she is familiar with our FCAP group in Singapore. And after this training in Zurich, she knows even more about our worldwide ministry among airline personnel.




Outreach to Students

Outreach to Students

On April 16 Paul Curtas (FCAP General Director) and Jake Joseph (Pilot with Republic Airlines) had the joy of speaking with around 60 students at Grace Christian School in the Tampa area.  They talked with the students about living for Christ in their future workplaces.  The time was well-received by the students.





“Engaging at the Workplace” Training

“Engaging at the Workplace” Training

On March 8 we held another “Engaging at the Workplace” Training (FCAP Workplace Training #2) at the Atlanta Airport.  Seven people attended this training, which is a followup to our Workplace Training #1, which they all had attended previously. The training seemed to be very well received. Staff and facilitators also present describe those participating  as  very attentive, engaging, and interactive.  Topics of the four sessions presented were as follows:  Perspective in the Work Culture, Reality Thinking at the Workplace,  Levels of Engagement, and Your Approach.

If you have attended our Workplace Training #1 (“On the Job…God’s Way”), we encourage you to make plans to attend our next followup session as well.  Watch the home page of our web site or the FCAP App for future dates of all of our trainings.

More from Travel to India for Workplace Training

Monix spent time with Mark Fernandes and family en route to Hyderabad.

Brother Shashi Hoo hosted Monix in his home while Monix was in Hyderabad.

Brother Raja (FCAP Coordinator in Hyderabad) and Monix say their farewell during final moments at the Hyderabad Airport.

FCAP member in Hyderabad Capt. Pooja and Monix flew together to Mumbai from Hyderabad as Monix was returning home to the USA.
















Workplace Training in Hyderabad

Workplace Training in Hyderabad

It was our privilege to take our Workplace Training #1, “On the Job…God’s Way,” to Hyderbad, India in mid August.  Monix Mathieu (FCAP Leadership and Group Development and newest staff member) made the very long journey to facilitate the training there.  The training was well received, and the people were eager to learn more about God’s truth in the Word.  We look forward to seeing how God will use this training for His glory in and through the lives of those who attended.

As Monix traveled to Hyderabad, he also was able to spend time with Mark Fernandes and family in Mumbai.  Our heartfelt thank you to all who so graciously opened their hearts and homes to Monix on this journey.