And They Are Off!

Today Paul and Claudette Curtas embark on yet another journey representing the FCAP Ministry.  This time travel takes them to Australia and New Zealand, via Los Angeles.  In each of these locations they will spend time with FCAPers.  Paul will also have opportunity to present our Workplace Training at the Torchbearer’s Business Ministry Leadership Training in New Zealand.  Prayers for every aspect of this trip are greatly appreciated.  (As many of you know, the flight between Los Angeles and Sydney is extremely long and tiring.)

Invitation from FCAP-Boise

As chaplain at the Boise International Airport and FCAP Field Staff, Warren Milanowski extends the following invitation:  “The Boise Airport is the gateway to Idaho.  A part of the vision of FCAP-Boise is to enlist ‘gatekeepers’ who will prayerfully and financially support the ministry as we go beyond ten years of service at the airport and in the community.  Click to register and to join us on September 7 as we celebrate and share the vision of the future.”