A Special Remembrance…

On March 6 heaven welcomed home another member of our FCAP family, Sandy Fraser-West.  Sandi attended many of our International FCAP Conventions, and she was a integral part of our fellowship in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years.  A memorial service was held on April 14 with some from the San Franciso Bay Area Fellowship in attendance (some of those in attendance pictured below). This time together brought back to all of them many special memories. 

Richard Kalman shares, Sandi was a inspiration to many of us in the airlines and she worked diligently for years on behalf of the FCAP.  Yesterday Branka and I enjoyed a fellowship lunch with dear Sunday school couple and Dan mentioned that many years ago he was friends with Les Nimigan,  president of Christian Transportation.  Dan worked for the railroad and met Les. I told Dan I also had met Les when he came to our local church and he stayed in our home. When I found out about the history of the FCAP I realized how significant Les was to the founding of the FCAP when he met with Captains Lew Rabbitt of Eastern Airlines and Joe Ivey of Delta Airlines. I first met Sandi when she came to our World Airways Bible study in the early 1970’s to brief us on the mission of the FCAP. Wally Rardon, Gene Brandt and I had set up the World  Airways bible study group months earlier in one of our classrooms. That meeting with Sandi was followed up with a meeting at the home of Barney and Gina Brogan in Palo Alto CA.  Several SF Bay Area airline  personnel were in attendance including Sandi West, Joline Oberhelman, Tom Johnson and others. From those group meetings FCAP monthly Bible studies and yearly West Coast retreats were organized  with guest speakers such as Ray Stedman and Ron Richey from Peninsula Bible Church, Dr. Mark Lee and Dr. Glenn Schaefer from the Missionary Alliance Church…. When one looks back over our lives as Christians we can more clearly see that the Lord’s plan was often at work in amazing ways. The power of prayer and ceaseless faith from a few dedicated men and woman can lead to a worldwide  outreach for the Lord such as the FCAP. Sandi Fraser-West was one of those dedicated and faithful women.”

Update on Previous Post

On October 9 we shared about time we spent with Delta pilot Kenny Tipton here at the office … and about his recently released book, My Flight Through Cancer.  This week we received word that Kenny had very unexpectedly transitioned from life here among us to his eternal home.  We pray for his daughter, parents, and extended family in their loss … and we pray Kenny’s heart desire to help others in their life struggles will be fulfilled as his book continues to be distributed.

Tommy Taylor … Home with the Lord!

In February we celebrated the 100th birthday of our dear friend and brother in Christ, Tommy Taylor.  Now only four months later we once again celebrate his life at a memorial service.  Tommy went home to be with the Lord on Friday, June 23.  Please uplift his daughter, Debbie Kasmerski, and the entire family during this time of grief.  For those of you who knew Tommy, here is a link to his obituary notice.

When Tommy entered the Lord’s presence, he without a doubt was welcomed home with the words, “Well done, My good and faithful servant!”  His presence here among us will be greatly missed.



“Wall of Fame” Initiated at Boise Chapel

“Wall of Fame” Initiated at Boise Chapel

This report comes from Boise Airport Chaplain / FCAP Field Staff, Warren Milanowski:  “On Monday, May 15, it will be a year since our dear friend Terri Cortez went home to be with her Lord after a long battle with cancer.  Today, May 10, we initiated a ‘Wall of Fame’ in our chapel and honored Terri.  Gathered in the chapel were her husband, Ken; her mother, Jenean Hatch; and several of her coworkers and American Airlines manager, Randy Keen.  I have attached pictures of all present and the plaque which is on the wall as you exit our chapel.  The bottom of the plaque reads, ‘For Representing Christ at Work Through Meaningful Relationships and Quality Work.’  Terri represented her Savior extremely well wherever she went.  Fond memories were shared as well as some tears.  A local representative from the American Cancer Society was present.  The plan is to add other employees who live out their faith in the workplace.”

Remembering George Odoi

odoi-smileGeorge Odoi was a dear brother in Christ who worked with the airlines in West Africa and later served as pastor of a local church in the Ghana area. He was a faithful part of FCAP and served on our FCAP Board of Directors. In 2013, George went home to be with the Lord.george-odoi-house

Recently his children posted photos and a note telling of a very proud moment for them. They and their Mom had the honor of being present at the Ghana Baptist Convention Centre in Ejura, Ghana. There a brand new building has been named in honor of their Dad, the late Rev. Dr. George A. Odoi. They concluded their note with this verse:
“The memory/name of the righteous is blessed….” (Proverbs 10:7).

Heaven Gains Another Angel

Heaven Gains Another Angel

Al Stanley - UniformOn the evening of July 30, heaven did indeed gain another angel.  Our dear brother in Christ, Allan Stanley, went home to be with his Savior.  We are certain he was greeted there with the words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Allan left a wonderful Christian legacy for his family and all who knew him.  He had a tremendous ministry on Eastern Air Lines as a pilot with them.  He was also a powerful testimony as he drove a school bus for 7 years.  He served in his local church and also on our FCAP Board of Directors.   He was involved in two men’s Bible studies throughout the years, participating in one for over 40 years.  Allan was known as a loving husband, father, and grandfather and will be missed by all who knew and loved him.  One of his grandsons wrote the following as a testimonial to his grandad’s impact in his life,   “…you would know that time was what mattered to him, time with people he loved. He had done a lot, from flying planes to preaching sermons, even driving a school bus, but he understood the that out of everything in this world time is the most valuable thing. And he gave so much of it. He would never let me leave without reminding me how much he loved me.”  Allan indeed loved his family, loved others, loved the Lord, loved time in His word, and loved time in prayer.  Al Stanley - Bus

Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with the gift of Allan Stanley!Al Stanley - Grandson

(The picture above was personally painted by Allan Stanley in 1970.)