Update from the Curtas Journey…

On December 4 Paul wrote, “We have had a long but wonderful journey to Sydney, Australia the last couple of days.  We were 20 hours in the airplane.  On the first leg of the journey we stopped in LAX to visit with good friends, Gary (Delta pilot) and Eileen Hammerman and their three great kids.  Then we flew to Sydney, a 15-hour flight, where we are now staying with Chris (Qantas pilot) and Julia (former Lufthansa flight attendant) and their two precious kids.  Last night, our first night here, we met up with Sam, an A-380 captain who is on a layover here in Sydney and we had dinner with him.”






Then on December 7 he wrote, “We are here at Capernwray in Cambridge, New Zealand enjoying a Christmas special, ‘Carols By the Candlelight.’  It was put on by the students at Capernwray.  I will be speaking here next week on Monday thru Wednesday to the students.”










Hospitality and Fellowship … Australian Style!

Paul and Claudette Curtas made it safely to Sydney, Australia.  They have been richly blessed by the gracious hospitality of Chris and Julia McDonald and their two beautiful children.  (Their youngest is not pictured as he was doing what little boys do best … running around and avoiding the photo shoot!) Chris is a pilot for Qantas and also heads up ACN (Airline Christian Network).  His wife, Julia, was a flight attendant in Germany for a number of years prior to their marriage.

Another pilot who flies out of another country was able to join all of them for dinner one evening.  He, Chris and Paul spent quite a bit of time talking about ministry in the workplace.  This pilot hopes to see a ministry started at his own domicile in the not too distant future.  In fact, you can pray about that organizational meeting which is planned for December 7.

It is always exciting to see how God brings such connections to pass in all parts of the world! 






Unexpected Blessing

One never knows what a day will bring forth … and that just may include special blessings like connecting with a brother or sister in Christ as you go about your day in the workplace.  Such was the case when Tim Files (Delta Tech Ops) and Dale Grimes (Delta Flight Attendant) unexpectedly ran into each other at the Atlanta Airport.  And anyone who knows these two can tell you that their brief time of fellowship there was most entertaining!  This is one of the benefits of connecting with FCAP and getting to know other believers within the airline workplace.  The joy of the Lord is evident in unexpected meetings like this one … no matter where you are in the world.

Blessed By Yet Another Visitor!

Blessed By Yet Another Visitor!

On October 12, we in the FCAP International Office were blessed once again to have someone come spend time with us here.  Jack Bowen has been a part of our FCAP family for many years and a faithful witness for the Lord Jesus in the airline workplace and beyond.  He is a Captain with United Air Lines and lives in Tampa, where we are hoping to see a fellowship re-established.  Jack spent much of the day talking with us about how he could be of more help in the ministry in the days to come, in training and in other ways.   It was a joy reminiscing with him about past conventions and singles conferences, and it was encouraging to hear about many ways God has been working in and through his life.

Reunion in SFO Bay Area

Reunion in SFO Bay Area

On Saturday, August 12, a small group of people who had been part of the FCAP group in the San Francisco Bay Area met for fellowship and dinner at Harry’s Hofbrau Restaurant in Redwood City, CA.  Dick Kalman writes, “This was special as it was the first time that the SFO  Bay Area FCAP has met in many years.  This the same group that Barney Brogan and Sandi West were part of in the 1980’s.  It was an opportunity to reflect on past memories and to renew old friendships.”  Pictured l-r:  Annette DiResta (AA), Tom and Laverne Kiefer (Laverne – AA), Richard  and Branka Kalman (Richard – WOA), Jeff Hoglind (former KLM, now with International Aviation Development), Tom Johnson (UA), and Nancy Phares (AA).