Monthly Meetings in Frankfurt

We give thanks that monthly FCAP meetings continue at the Frankfurt base.  Regarding their June meeting, leadership at Frankfurt shares that their time together was great, lives were touched, and attendance was quite good.  We look forward to seeing how God will continue to work in and through this group in the days ahead for His glory.




Workplace Training Presented at Swiss Church

We are grateful for Stami Church in Switzerland inviting our General Director, Paul Curtas, to present our Workplace Training on Saturday, June 9.  The 45 attendees received it very enthusiastically.  Many of them invited others to join them for the Sunday morning church service as Paul spoke to the whole church.  Cristian Rusch, who is a Swiss CEO businessman, translated for Paul both on Saturday and Sunday.  (Cristian is also Paul’s brother-in-law.)













Connection at Vijayawada, INDIA

Connection at Vijayawada, INDIA

Raja Konatham, an FCAP leader in Hyderabad, had the joy of meeting with a Christian brother who works in technical support for  Indigo Airlines ramp services at Vijayawada Airport, 300 kms from Hyderabad.   Response was very positive as Raja explained to Mr. Dhanraj  about FCAP and shared at a small Bible study group.  We thank the Lord for how He orchestrates such connections!







Workplace Training Presented in Zurich

On June 1, Paul Curtas had the privilege of presenting our FCAP Workplace Training to a group of business men and women in Zurich.  It was very well received with over 20 in attendance.

One of the participants (pictured here with Paul) is Casey, who works for Singapore Airlines in Zurich.  Although she now lives and works in Europe, she is familiar with our FCAP group in Singapore. And after this training in Zurich, she knows even more about our worldwide ministry among airline personnel.




Ministering in Tanzania

Ministering in Tanzania

Over many years now Dr. Bill and Susalee Sasser have traveled into Third World countries taking dental/medical help and the Gospel to those in need.  Bill is a retired dentist and Susalee is a retired Delta flight attendant.  Both have been a part of our FCAP family for many years.  It has been our joy and privilege to pray for them as they embark on these journeys.

Recently their outreach took them to Tanzania, where they ministered along side a Bridge2Aid team of 7 dentists and 4 oral health workers from the UK.  They share the following, “It was a good experience although challenging for Bill to learn the British system and use completely different dental instruments.  He picked it up and did well.  The dentists trained 6 Clinical Officers who have had a few years of medical training and who work in rural clinics doing various medical procedures….  We had one patient who had had a tooth ache for 5 years but did not have the means or opportunity to have it extracted….”

While traveling to one of their remote destinations, twice they encountered places where several vehicles got stuck in the road and the team had to go around them.  From that point they had two more days of travel on these same roads.  But God brought them safely through.

Thank you, Bill and Susalee, for your servant hearts in going into these parts of the world.  We pray that spiritual seeds planted during these trips will bring forth much fruit for God’s glory.  Looking forward to your next adventure!