Fellowship of Christian Airline Personnel

FCAP provides a connection among Christians within the airline industry worldwide.

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around a picnic table
ATL Airport Meeting
ATL Leadership Meeting
Bjoern & Janice
CV15 - 3 on Hike
CV15 - Different Nationalities
CV15 - Group Photo Outdoors
CV15 - Group Photo
CV15 - PNG Group in Front of Plane Photo
CV15 - Tambelina with Two Friends
DFW 11-15 Meeting
Dora & Eliane
FCAP Winter15
FRA Group 4-15
Group Around Table
Group Picture
Jennie & Debbie
Two Girls Jumping
Larger Group 11-15
MSP Training
Munich - Indoor Table
Munich - Outdoor Table
Munich Group Around Table
Munich Treat
Munich-Last Flt
Paul talking at WMT Christian School
Paul & Nephews
Paul & Raja
Philippines Group Photo
PNG Group at Home
Scott & Tim
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Ski Adventure 1
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SLC Block Party
Swiss Group
WMT NYC 9-15 - Elena, Jewell, Debbie
WMT NYC 9-15 - Group Photo
ZRH Training 2
ZRH Training
Zurich Meeting 9-1-15

What is FCAP?

The ministry of FCAP is carried on throughout the airline workplaces of the world by ordinary people who see their work as a partnership with God. We do not have a membership nor are we a club with dues. Rather, FCAP is a fellowship of Christians who identify with one another through a common focus and purpose. We desire to demonstrate how our faith in Jesus Christ will influence how we do our work, how we treat people, and how we respond to the circumstances of our workplace. We are blessed to have both airline and non-airline people who encourage and support the ministry.

Thought for the Day

There is a magical word floating around these days that gives the appearance that freedom of expression for the individual person will only be realized when everyone becomes “tolerant.” Its mystique doesn’t stop here; those who hold to this go on to state that anyone who believes differently is guilty of discrimination or even worse hate crimes, and they should not be tolerated. What is contradictory here is that even when you treat those kindly whose beliefs you cannot accept, it is okay for them to brand you as intolerant and to reject your belief. Do not let this confuse you or get you off course from responding in the right way. God tells us the soundness of a belief can be seen by what it produces in the lives of those who hold them.(PMC) Consider: “Who among you is wise and understanding? Let them show by their good behavior their deeds in gentleness that wisdom brings. But if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your heart…, this wisdom is not that which comes down from above… For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every evil thing. (James 3:13-16)

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“Do you want to know a person’s belief at the workplace?  Then see what it produces through their life as they do their work and in how they treat people.”   (PMC)

During Session
MSP Training 4-15 - 5
MSP Training 4-15 - 4
MSP Training 4-15 - 3
WMT NYC 9-15 - Elena, Jewell, Debbie
WMT NYC 9-15 - Breakout Group
WMT NYC 9-15 - Monix Leading Workshop
WMT NYC 9-15 - Group Photo
Paul - WMT Christian School
Paul - MIA 2 Feb15
Paul - MIA 3 Feb15
MSP Training 4-15 - 9
MSP Training 4-15 - 8
MSP Training 4-15 - 7
Fellowship Over Lunch 2
MCO - Mealtime
MCO - Group
MCO - Session
MSP - Paul
Debra, Paul, LeeAnn
MSP - Session
MSP - Group
Andy & Jeff
Nelsons, Rhea, Paul

In need of recalibrating your work experience? We invite you to come be a part of our FCAP Workplace Training.  Hear what people are saying about the trainingSee Bulletin Board section below for future dates, information, and registration.

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Bulletin Board

“The Question Remained Unanswered” — A reprint of this evangelistic tract, a personal testimony by Gary Kosak, is now available.  Please contact the FCAP Office if you would like to receive a personal copy or multiple copies for distribution in your area.

Featured Article — The genuineness of the Christian faith is certainly spoken of in the words of truth in the Bible, but it will only be authenticated in your life when you experience it in the details of everyday living.  To learn more, read Our Extraordinary Calling in These Times.